4 cheap and cheerful car related gifts to purchase for Father’s Day

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Sunday 17th June 2018.

Mark that date in your calendar and diary as it’s Father’s Day in the UK! It’s one of the most important days of the year as we get the chance to celebrate our dads. They do a lot for us whether it’s teaching us how to drive, helping us get our first car or picking us up from a night out… they’re heroes! It can be hard to find the perfect gift for them but we’ve put together this guide to help. We’ve got a few cheap and cheerful ideas that are sure to put a smile on your dad’s face this Father’s Day.

1. Key finder

This is a great device, that’s practical and helpful (especially if your dad is always losing his keys)! You can attach it to your car key like a normal keyring – and if you lose your keys you can activate the system to find it via your Bluetooth on your smartphone.

2. Car wash

This gift is an all round classic and will definitely be much appreciated whether it’s professionally done or you do it by hand. You can do it for free at home – all you’ll need are a few buckets of water, a sponge and a good car cleaner/soap.

3. Seat covers

This might sound like a silly option but seat covers can completely change a vehicle’s interior. If your dad’s car is in need of a slight revamp this is a great option. You can get a range of colours, patterns and in some cases you can even personalise them.

4. Driver for a day

We’ve all been guilty of taking advantage of the free ‘dad’s taxi’ service over the years. Whether it’s a lift to the train station or a lift home from town after a night out. So, why not return the favour for one day? Take your dad wherever he wants and let him enjoy a pint or three without the worry of having to be the designated driver. (He’ll be more than grateful!) How about getting your dad’s car serviced and cleaned for him? Be sure to book online using our quick, easy and free online booking tool!

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