This is what you should consider before travelling with your dog

A dog in a car

Travelling for long road trips and holidays can be exciting or draining depending on how well you prepare for them. If you’re planning to bring your dog on the road with you it’s important to have everything you need with you. While it can be scary to think of the worst case scenario – if you plan ahead for it you won’t get caught if it happens. Travelling with a dog means that you have to consider their well being, safety and comfort as well as your own.

Be prepared

One of the most important things to consider making sure you have supplies in your vehicle if it breaks down. You should always keep dog food, water, a dog bowl, a blanket and a short lead in your car for your pet. Dogs should always be kept in the car unless it’s a hot day. If the weather is warm you should take your dog with you and keep them on the short lead. In the event of a breakdown when you ring the vehicle recovery company you should always tell them that you have your dog with you so they know ahead of time. In some cases, if the mechanic is worried about the dog’s behaviour or if there isn’t enough room in the cab they can refuse to take the dog.

Keep your pet cool

If there is extremely warm weather you should make sure that your car is cool for your pet. You can get cooling mats or you could even get an ice block, wrap it in a towel and leave it on your dog’s seat. We also suggest making sure that your vehicle’s air-con is in good working condition. That way, cool, clean air flows through your cabin, making sure your pet is comfortable.

Stay safe

Safety is one of the most important aspects of travelling with your furry friend. We suggest buckling up your dog with a harness or seat belt – this minimises their movement and risk of injury. If you don’t want to do this you could always create a safe space for your dog in your vehicle, for example by placing a crate in your car. By securing your dog, it puts your mind at ease and means that you won’t get distracted while you drive. Before you travel, ensure that your vehicle has a valid MOT and has been recently serviced. That way, you’ll reduce the chance of a breakdown, causing your pet discomfort. Book your MOT or service today using our quick, easy and free online booking tool! which is available 24/7.

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