Here's why you should book a winter car check

No one wants to grind to a halt over winter, but it’s easily enough done, especially if you haven’t paid as much attention to vehicle maintenance as you should have. However, there is something you can do to avoid an unwelcome winter breakdown. A winter car check is a straightforward way of making sure your car is as ready for winter as it can possibly be. Here’s three reasons why you should book one this year.

A winter car check prepares your car for the season ahead

Winter is the most difficult season for your car to adapt to. Freezing temperatures, rain and snow are challenges your car is unlikely to experience at any other time of the year and can all have a profound impact on how well your car performs. Your car needs to be ready for the season and a winter car check is a quick and fuss-free way of making sure this happens.

It increases your safety and the condition of your car

Winter weather can be dangerous, and you need to be able to rely on your car to deal with it correctly. A large part of this comes down to what condition your car is in, especially the key components such as the wipers, battery and headlights. If you can’t rely on your car, you could be in trouble. A winter car check will restore any lost confidence in your car’s ability to perform.

Expensive maintenance costs can be avoided with a free winter car check

If your car refuses to start during winter, it could be due to a fault which could’ve been fixed sooner. Sometimes, minor faults can develop into problems thanks to the combination of cold and poor weather winter. A winter car check inspects your headlights, coolant, oil, wipers, battery and tyres for damage, wear and tear and any other issues which could cause you a problem. What’s more, we offer our six-point check absolutely free of charge to keep you moving throughout the season.

So, why not book a free winter car check with HiQ Tyres & Autocare Havant (Triangle Cars) today? Our experienced mechanics will quickly but thoroughly check the most important components for winter driving before getting you back on the roads of Portsmouth. It’s as easy as that! We also offer an online booking tool for your convenience.

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