Is it possible to prevent MOT test failure?

2 Mechanics working on a car which is lifted on a ramp.

Did you know that around four out of every ten cars fail their annual MOT test? In many cases, it could be easily prevented by running regular checks on your vehicle. We’re looking at some of the ways you can save time, hassle and money by performing small repairs and checks to your vehicle.

Lights and indicators

Lights and indicators that aren’t working on a vehicle are the most common causes of MOT test failures. To avoid this happening to your vehicle you should check them regularly. All you need to do is turn all the lights on and walk around your vehicle to inspect them. When checking your brake and reverse lights you need someone to it for you – this because you need to be in the car to put the parking brake on, holding the brake pedal down and turning the engine on. To check your indicators you should turn the ignition on and then check them.


Checking your tyres regularly is an important part of keeping them in good condition. It’s thought that 8% of MOT failures are tyre related. Simple things you can do is check their air pressure and make sure there are no cuts or bulges in the tyres. Another important thing to check is tyre tread depth, the legal tread depth requirement is 1.6mm. (Don’t forget to check all of these things on your spare wheel too!)

Avoid obstructed view

Other simple checks you can do include making sure that your view is not obstructed from the driver’s seat. You should make sure air fresheners or window stickers aren’t compromising your view. Another thing to look out for is cracks and chips in the windscreen – if you spot one, get it repaired immediately to prevent MOT test failure. You should also check your wipers and washer bottle levels. Is your MOT nearly due? Don’t forget to book online today! You can use our quick, easy and free online booking tool which is available 24/7. Just enter your VRM and select the service you’d like.

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